W.I.P Press

W.I.P. Press is a hybrid publishing option that focuses on your goals.

We understand the pressures of publishing, from all angles. From the sea of rejections when trying to traditionally publish, to the stresses of coordinating editors and designers in the self-publishing world. This is why W.I.P. Press, an imprint of Wild Ink Publishing, exists. You can keep the perks of traditional publishing, while retaining the creative control of self-publishing. We are happy to be your coordinators.


If you want to self-publish, but the idea of keeping up with editors, designers, layout artists, etc. stresses you out? This is the option for you.

Hybrid Publishing

If you are looking for the best of self-publishing and traditional publishing, look no further. Hybrid publishing may make the most sense for you.

To discuss options, contact us through the form below, or email us at info@wild-ink-publishing.com