W.I.P. Hybrid Publishing

Traditional publishing can feel impossible. Self-publishing seems insurmountable. Hybrid is the best of both worlds.

Working with W.I.P. Press gives you the opportunity to have a full team working on your manuscript (including marketing) while maintaining more creative control over your project.

The Package

  • Full project coordination
  • Team of editors and proofreaders
  • Cover Designer
  • Layout
  • Ebook
  • Marketing for as long as your book is listed with W.I.P. Press
  • Publishing under the W.I.P. Press Imprint
  • Distribution handling
  • Bookkeeping for your book
  • 75% of revenue (25% goes to W.I.P. to cover marketing, bookkeeping, and coordination after your book has been published).

We would be happy to discuss your project with you. You can use the form below, or email us at info@wild-ink-publishing.com