Victoria Holland

Victoria Holland

Victoria Holland is an up-and-coming author, though she has been writing since she was seven-years-old. She has published essays and stories in multiple collections, including The Magical Muse Library Vol. 1 and I’m not the Villain, I’m Misunderstood. She does advocacy work when the sun is up, but at night she moonlights as a student of magic, psychology, and art. She is a romantic, a traveler, and she does everything from her soul whether she likes it or not. Victoria lives in Massachusetts with her family, with her lovely friends close by, and hopefully one day with a cat she can name after one of her favorite characters.

Victoria is the anthologist of an up-and-coming literary anthology. Keep watching, more information coming soon!

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Coming September 2023

The Anthology page can be seen here.

Hekate, the Goddess of Magic, has called all heroes and heroines with a pen.

In the ancient age, a carnation with petals of rich color was found in Greece. The botanist who discovered it was so taken with it that he called it Dianthus—The Flower of the Gods. The flower of the divine.

In the modern age, an old temple has been found deep in the wilds of Greece. The only one of its kind. It holds a sacred text blessed and protected by the seven goddesses: Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Athena, Artemis, Persephone, and Aphrodite. Within this text are poems, essays, and short stories of divinity.

It is called The Carnation Collection.

The authors who contributed were asked one question: Who are you?
They have shared their inner hearts, their inner worlds. They have shared the song their souls sing, beyond all doubt, insecurity, or judgment. And they have entrusted their sacred truth with a goddess of their choosing.

It is well-known that these goddesses are incredibly human in their divinity. However, they also know that you are incredibly divine in your humanity. They have loved, just as you have loved. They have grieved, just as you have grieved. So, they offer the carnation as a promise:

Your truth is safe with us.

The truths within these pages are as simple as a stone, as complex as a galaxy. As fierce as wolf’s teeth, as soft as a summer’s breeze. Every last one is sacred.

You would do well to remember that.

More information coming soon!

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