Rachel Leonard

Rachel Leonard

Rachel is a lifelong bibliophile, dreamer, and all-around nerd who lives in her favorite place on some old family property in upstate South Carolina. She is the proud mother of two amazing kids, a three-legged dog, and a glaring of ridiculous cats that have all but taken over the front hall. She enjoys late-night reading, kitchen adventures, and keeping up her darling little hundred-years-old home. She loves time properly stolen with her children, and she continues to try with partial success to find a cure for her black thumb. 

The Seer’s Grant, her debut novel, is the first in a series.

Coming in August 2023

After forging the great Peace of Aerthe, Kelvaar’s first concern was to do his master’s will without getting himself skinned or scorched half to death. Drake though he was, he still preferred his skin whole.

Kelvaar only wanted to be left alone in the peace he wrought. The discovery of dark and forbidden magic, long ago stored away in a secret journal, would frustrate those wishes. Kelvaar must find the journal and destroy it, before Kindred or Men succeeded in summoning one of the Fallen into Aerthe–a fate which his master assured him would occur.

As Kelvaar raced to see it done, he continued to face dead ends and cold trails. At last, he happened upon the Seer’s artifact, her gift to one of the Kindred houses. 

What Kelvaar did not know was that he had sown for his own demons. The Seer’s Grant was sought by others, for far darker purposes. Something worse than the Fallen was seeking to gain entry to the Realms of Aerthe. 

Kelvaar’s master, Caelan, knows what other creatures stalk the ravening nothing of the Great Void. As he knows what Kelvaar himself could do, because he knows what kind of creature Kelvaar truly is. 

And Caelan knows that whether his servant broke the world or saved it, there would be no place in it for a firedrake as Keeper of Aerthe

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