Ourania’s Orrery of Imagination

Ourania’s Orrery of Imagination is a sci-fi/fantasy anthology for middle school children (and above). Ourania, the muse of astronomy, has pulled together some of the best and brightest upcoming authors and poets to spin delightfully fantastically whimsical stories for your children, and you!

Ourania’s Orrery of Imagination will be published in June of 2023

The Ourania Publication Team:

Lead Editor: Brittany McMunn
Editor: J.C. Flynt
Editor: Kate McKinney
Illustrator: Emily St. Marie
Layout / Publisher: Abigail Wild

Authors and Poets:

Abigail Wild
Alice De Crowley
Arlene Schwartz
C.L. Galan
Caleb Catalan
Christine Young-Ferguson
D.S. Lerew
Danielle Cerin
Dexter Amoroso
Elizabeth James
Emerson Rose Craig
Emily St. Marie
Ian Tan
Jessica Laurel Kane
Johnny Francis Wolf
Kathryn Reilly
Kenning Spath
Kelly Webber
Lester Linsangan
Lorie Wackwitz
Melissa R. Mendelson
Rayn Rose
Riley Kilmore
Rosea Suchmann
S.E. Reed
Sigfried Basco
Skai de Leon
Victoria Holland
William J. Connell