Natalie Brougham

Natalie Brougham

Natalie grew up worshipping fiction and fiction writers like Roald Dahl, Douglas Adams, and Kurt Vonnegut. On many occasions she was in big trouble for reading all night as a child instead of sleeping, but that never stopped her. Fiction has been a sufficient substitute for reality on occasions when reality wasn’t cooperating. Natalie has been writing her entire life and has other completed works she hopes to publish. Natalie lives in Michigan with her daughter Annabelle, and her two cats; Bixy and Snax.   

Coming February 2024

Alowen never imagined she would witness a murder.

She never imagined she would start having psychic visions.

She never thought she would be running for her life in order to protect a princess and her unborn child.

Would this baby really be the one to save their world?

Most people thought the stories about a heavy force descending on them were nothing more than tales, but maybe they were wrong.

The Element is a story about fate, love, and fighting for what matters against forces that seek to destroy the very spirit that keeps us alive.

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