Melissa R. Mendelson

Melissa R. Mendelson

Melissa R. Mendelson learned the art of poetry back in her high school days when she struggled to find her voice and release the emotions that she kept inside.  A lot of those emotions were turbulent, raw, and some of those poems could be found in her poetry collection, Fragments of Yesterdays Past.

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It took years for her to grow comfortable in writing poetry and turn that darkness into light, and then 2020 came.  She was faced with a hard decision, for her to lose her ovary, which at that time was not the case.  As she recovered from her gynecological surgery, Covid happened, and what was worse was that she was designated as a Frontline Worker.  She was torn between wanting to stay home with her family and being forced to go to work, even if she just did secretarial tasks, and it felt as if she had never woken from that surgery but somehow slipped into a Twilight Zone reality.

As she tried to hold onto the world now in upheaval around her with such uncertainty and fear, she turned to poetry, releasing everything once again that she held inside, and two years later, she decided to take those poems and put them into a book called, This Will Remain With Us.

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