Kelly Webber

Kelly Webber

Kelly Webber is a librarian and author. When she’s not surrounded by books, she loves spending time outdoors. Hiking, stargazing, and gardening are a few of her hobbies. She has two pets, a cat named Sancho and a bearded dragon named Yossarian. Her writing is often inspired by mythology and nature.

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Coming April 2024

A deer named Oisin tells the story of how his great-great-grandfather Finnian embarked on a magical adventure, leaving behind everything he knew to cross the West Wind Sea. Along the way, he and his friends face the Order of Wizards, a group of power-hungry wizards ransacking the realm to steal its magic. They meet a fascinating cast of characters including a witch, a sea monster, a Queen and her very hungry cat, and more. The completion of Finnian’s journey changes everything for his forest.

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