Johnny Francis Wolf

Johnny Francis Wolf is an Autist — an autistic Artist.  Designer, Model, Actor, Writer, and Hustler.  Yes.  That.

Worth a mention — his Acting obelisk — starring in the ill–famed and fated, 2006 indie film, TWO FRONT TEETH.  The fact that it is free to watch on YouTube might say an awful lot about its standing with the Academy.

Homeless for the better part of these past 8 years, he surfs friends’ couches, shares the offered bed, relies on the kindness of strangers — paying when can, doing what will, performing odd jobs.  (Of late..  Ranch Hand his favorite.)

From New York to LA, Taos and Santa Fe, Mojave Desert, Coast of North Carolina, points South and South East — considers himself blessed.

Johnny’s love of animals, boundless.  Current position working on a hacienda in Florida as laborer and horse whisperer has recently come to its seasonal conclusion.

— Greyhound and the Jersey Shore are drawing him North.

Some of all this Bio is true — most of Wolf’s tales as well.  Those illusory are hung on stories told him by dear friends or his own brush with similar, if not exactly the same.

This book of poetry and short stories will be published in January 2023

There are NYC subway passengers sitting, swirling across from you.  No rhyme or reason as to who is next to whom.  Worthy subjects, apart or together, for Norman Rockwell’s brush, Saul Bass’s graphic hand, or Johnny Francis Wolf’s pen.

A battered, old homeless man is given wide berth.  Young gay couple share a giggle, scantily clad and on their way to a Pride event.  Little boy in Mother’s lap staring, charmed by a face.  Blind man pets the dog asleep between familiar legs. 

Businessman, NY Times spread wide, is distracted by the shirtless lads laughing to his right.  Ladyboy prostitute in daring dress and heels hangs dearly on a subway handgrip.  Priest standing, facing door, eyes averted toward our hooker, wondering if cleavage real, ignoring beggar reaching out a hand for help.

Way over to our left we find a bearded man in red.  Santa hat adorns his head.

No one is on their device.

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