Into the Mirror

Into the Mirror:
A Literary Collection

What happens when an international group of authors and poets are asked to look deep within themselves and write what is burning in their hearts? They bleed into their words and allow those words to form together into a real, raw, and distinctly human collection of poetry, short stories, memoirs, and personal essays. Open the pages of this literary collection to learn about others’ experiences, to feel with them, to hold space for what they’ve gone through and the passion that created these expressions of pain, fear, hope, and love.

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The Into the Mirror
Publication Team:

Editor: Abigail Wild
Editor: Avi Weiser
Editor: Amy Elizabeth
Design and Layout: Abigail Wild
Project Coordination: Colby Galan

Authors and Poets:

Dexter Amoroso
Desiree L. Balota
Megan Benninger
Patricia Carullo
E. Cooney-Fisher
Myndee Corkern
Mark Gade
C.L. Galan
Maya Morenang Mangangatha
Chuck Parker
Maria Evelyn Quilla-Soleta
Rachel Shetterly
Josie Vashona
Amy Elizabeth
Tara Grímravn
Mary Beth Nix
Colleen Forsyth
Ayo Gutierrez
Dr. Lester N. Linsangan
Patricia McKellar
Emily St. Marie
Darlene Varnes
Victoria Holland