I’m Not the Villain, I’m Misunderstood

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Everyone has their own version of morality, including villains. After all, villains are the main character of their own stories. This literary collection explores villains of all kinds, seeking to ask the question, what makes someone a villain? Are they truly villains, or are they simply misunderstood? Twenty-two authors and poets have come together to answer this question.

The stories and poetry in this collection will terrify you, make you laugh, and ask you to ponder villainy in a new light. You’ll be asked to go to war, have a conversation with death, and be invited into the mind of a criminal. Witches will be begging for your attention, Bloody Mary will tap on your mirror, and you will realize that appearance is not everything.

Always remember, you are the villain in someone’s story.

Brittany McMunn
Fatimah Jan
Noah Baia

Layout and Design:
Abigail Wild

Ebook Layout and Design:
J.C. Flynt

Authors and Poets:
Mark Gade
Tom Elmquist
S.E. Reed
Johnny Francis Wolf
C.L. Galan
James Hanna
Alice de Crowley
Victoria Holland
Maureen O’Leary
Desiree DiFabio
Wolf S. Helms
Devora Gray
Glenna Hartwell
Dexter Amoroso
Melissa R. Mendelson
Sehra Dylan Nikol
William J. Connell
Riley Kilmore
Arlene Schwartz
Thomas Elson
Courtney Byles
Patricia Carullo