Calliope’s Collection of Mystical Mayhem

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Calliope worked hard to bring together a group of writers and poets to delight you with tales of whimsey, mayhem, and wonder. Soon you will be able to curl up and be transported through a magical adventure.

Calliope, your muse, is ready to welcome you.

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Emily St. Marie

Lead Editors:
Abigail Wild
Kate McKinney
J.C. Flynt

Editors and Proofreaders:
Brittany McMunn
Lydia Pebly
Desiree DeFabio
Arlene Schwartz
Noelle Pee
Leta Hawk

Authors and Poets:
Emily St. Marie
Ian Tan Ying
C.L. Galan
Ayo Gutierrez
Desiree L. Balota
Lydia Pebly
Kelly Webber
Elizabeth James
Alexandra Z. Lazar
Emerson Rose Craig
Lissa James
Jhemar Lagata
Eileen Zou
Olivia Luan
Jocelyn Yuan
Victoria Holland
Christine Young
Lavender Burns
Patrick Read
Jacob Baia
J.L. Scott
S.E. Reed
Melissa Mendelson
Riley Kilmore
Eliza Stopps
A.J. Kilmer
Alice De Crowley