The Nuts and Bolts of Content Writing



March 30 – June 1

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Zoom Meetings:
3:00-4:00 pm eastern

Workshop Space through Canvas

Instructor: Yvette Davis, TND

Yvette is a content writer by day, and health coach by night. She’s also the author of Google Secrets, and co-author of Web Geek’s Guide to Google Chrome. She’s taught classes on health & wellness, Google products, Linux operating systems, and writing. She designed homeschool materials for each of her 6 kids from K – 12. Those kids are now either in college or college graduates with kids and families of their own. When she’s not writing or teaching, Yvette plays flute, saxophone, and clarinet, fixes and flips woodwinds with her daughter, and wields a foam sword in Amtgard. She lives in Alabama with her husband, youngest child, and five furry people of varying species.

Have you thought about working as a content writer for extra money? Or maybe you’d like to leave your current job and start a new career as a content writer?

Whatever your goals, The Nuts and Bolts of Content Writing will help you get there. In this ten-week course, you’ll learn the basics of content writing.

Topics to Include: how to specialize in a topic, what is SEO, and how to use it, how to use free online tools, how to make and keep your editors happy, and the basics of keeping an online portfolio.  Join us, and learn what this exciting career has to offer!

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