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Have you ever thought about what would happen if a villain were the protagonist?

Drawing from the news events of the last few years, Maria James-Thiaw takes a deep look at the reality facing her as a Black woman with chronic illness.

More information will be coming about this poignant collection of poetry. Keep watching.

Calliope, the muse and Zeus’s daughter, loves a good story. Throughout time Calliope has been whispering in writers’ ears, helping them come up with beautiful poetry. She has struck again. Calliope has searched the globe for the perfect authors and poets to write fanciful stories for you! These tales will have you laughing, crying, and smiling with joy. You’ll ride with dragons, concoct potions with witches, trick leprechauns, and wonder with fairies.

This anthology is perfect for those magical readers from middle school through adulthood. Bring a little magic to your life!

This middle grades anthology features stories and poetry from all over the world. Writers and poets include: Emily St. Marie, Ian Tan Ying, C.L. Galan, Ayo Gutierrez, Desiree L. Balota, Lydia Pebly, Kelly Webber, Elizabeth James, Alexandra Z. Lazar, Emerson Rose Craig, Lissa James, Jhemar Lagata, Eileen Zou, Olivia Luan, Jocelyn Yuan, Victoria Winters, Christine Young, Lavender Burns, Patrick Read, Jacob Baia, J.L. Scott, S.E. Reed, Melissa Mendelson, Riley Kilmore, Eliza Stopps, A.J. Kilmer, and Alice De Crowley.
What happens when an international group of authors and poets are asked to look deep within themselves and write what is burning in their hearts? They bleed into their words and allow those words to form together into a real, raw, and distinctly human collection of poetry, short stories, memoirs, and personal essays. Open the pages of this literary collection to learn about others’ experiences, to feel with them, to hold space for what they’ve gone through and the passion that created these expressions of pain, fear, hope, and love.

Authors and Poets include Dexter Amoroso, Desiree L. Balota, Megan Benninger, Patricia Carullo, E. Cooney-Fisher, Myndee Corkern, Mark Gade, C.L. Galan, Maya Morenang Mangangatha, Chuck Parker, Maria Evelyn Quilla-Soleta, Rachel Shetterly, Josie Vashona, Amy Elizabeth, Tara Grímravn, Mary Beth Nix, Colleen Forsyth, Ayo Gutierrez, Dr. Lester N. Linsangan, L.P.H. Patricia McKellar, Emily St. Marie, Darlene Varnes, and Victoria Winters.

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