Pre-Teen Book Adventure Club


Ten Weeks

March 26 – May 28

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BigBlueButton Meetings on Saturdays
10:00 – 11:00 am

Online Workshop on Canvas

Instructor: Noelle Pee
Noelle Pee is a wife, mom, artist, writer, business owner, advocate, and teacher. By day she advocates for and mentors foster children to help them transition into adulthood. She also regularly supports homeless members of her community. She is an award-winning artist. She has taught multiple grades from elementary school children to college-aged learners. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her son, husband, three dogs, and two cats.

We will be reading the book The Farthest-Away Mountain and turning it into a Graphic Novel!

Synopsis: The snow on the peak of the farthest-away mountain changed colors—from red to bright blue, or pink, or green, or yellow—but no one knew why. No one had ever been there, because however long you traveled toward it, it always stayed in the distance.

Ever since she was ten years old, Dakin has been determined to reach the mountain and discover its secrets. Then one day when she is almost fifteen the mountain calls to her, and Dakin sets out on a daring journey through a land of magic and menacing evil. Along the way she encounters terrifying dangers—she must get past the guardian gargoyles on the craggy ledges, escape from the talons of the winged monster Graw, and outwit the giant ogre Drackamag and the malevolent Colored Snow Witch. Luckily, she has magic on her side, too, but how can one girl release the mountain from the evil that has imprisoned it for two hundred years?

Lynne Reid Banks has created an irresistible heroine in Dakin for this dynamic adventure story with the rare and captivating magic found only in the world of fantasy.

In this class we will be discovering:

What are the Characteristics of a Graphic Novel?

How is a Graphic Novel different than a comic book?

How can we take a novel and turn it into a Graphic Novel?

Week 1: Introduction Read the entire book! Explain class, set expectations, and discuss the process of dissecting a novel and turning it into a graphic novel.
Week 2: Telling a story Background Design
Week 3: Important details Character Development: Dakin & Croak
Week 4: Illustration/Art Character Development: Og, Zog, & Vog
Week 5: Location Character Development: The troll & Gog
Week 6: Characters Character Development: Drackamag & Graw
Week 7: Narration Character Development: The Colored Snow Witch
Week 8: Speech Bubbles Character Development: Ravik, the boy, & the Master
Week 9: Design/Composition Put it all together
Week 10: Final Meeting Wrap-up and share our work with classmates

You will need:

The Farthest-Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks (this book is out of print and a little tricky to find, but it is a great book! The same author as Indian in the Cupboard.  Please let me know if you are having a difficult time finding it, I can help


Sketch book Tracing paper Mechanical Pencil Colored Pencils or Markers Ruler    or      iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate

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