Introduction to Tech Writing


March 26 – May 26

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Zoom Meetings
7:00 – 8:00 pm eastern

Online Workshopping

Dr. Rebecca Fein

At Wild Ink Publishing Dr. Rebecca teaches Technical Writing, something she has done for more than 20 years as part of her academic and scientific career journeys. She’s excited to be here and to share her love of writing with students.

Dr. Rebecca helps curious individuals understand science and how to use it in their everyday lives and communicate it to the world. She serves students and emerging professionals by helping them unveil and embrace the scientist within. Embracing the scientist within allows individuals to improve their critical thinking, parse fact from fiction, face fears with facts and figures, and enjoy their lives knowing that they do not have to be afraid because someone told them to be because they understand how to communicate the science.

This course is designed for writers who are looking to learn what technical writing is and how to incorporate it into their work. The course is designed for high school, college, grad, or adults looking to get their feet wet in technical writing.

Course Plan:

Title of ModuleDescription
1WelcomeWhat is technical writing? What Makes a successful technical writer
2Types of technical writingTry your hand at writing standard operating procedures, project plans, and look at service manuals
3Why technical writing is importantWrite about why technical writing is important to you. Let’s begin working on some more complicated tasks
4Common mistakes in technical writingLooking at examples of common errors in technical writing
5Review so farReview and short quiz on concepts outlined above
6Learning to read technical writingExchange of week Two SOPs for review with our classmates now that we know more.
7Writing manualsComponents of a manual
8Tips and tricks to make technical writing easierComplete with a list of answers to questions
9ReviewReview and a short quiz
10Discussions about what we’ve learned.Write a technical document discussing what you learned.

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