Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James

Elizabeth has been interviewing celebrities for over twenty-years and has her own successful radio show, The Writer’s Stop, which has 128,000 listeners across ninety-five countries. It is a one-hour show with one guest per show to focus on their work. The show covers all aspects of writing from its literal to the broadest terms. The Writer’s Shop will be relaunched soon after a hiatus.

Elizabeth will be running a special series of interviews with the ‘cast’ of Calliope’s Collection of Mystical Mayhem.

Elizabeth works for a school on a voluntary basis, helping children with their reading and teaching creative writing. While she doesn’t have children herself, she is thrilled to be able to inspire them to use the written word.


Coming November 2023

Take one beautiful fairy and three children, add a dash of evil hobgoblin and season with a thrilling adventure. The result is an exciting children’s fantasy, Dana and the Moonbeams.

Dana and the children face a race against time, fighting foes to prove she is innocent of a terrible crime.

They risk their lives, trying to find a mysterious pearl and return to fairyland victorious.

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