Brittany Mack

Brittany Mack

Brittany Mack has been a hopeless romantic since the tender age of five. After devouring every fantasy and paranormal romance her bank account would allow, she chose to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer. Writing wasn’t the only thing she had a passion for. Developmental editing filled the project management aspect she had given up in her corporate life and allowed for her once stifled creativity to bloom.

Brittany enjoys all genres, especially paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary fiction all with heavy romantic elements. Brittany weaves worlds that show, not only the beauty that comes with love, but also the darkness.

Coming September 2023

           Sianna and Owen are thrown together by circumstances neither saw coming. Owen must protect Sianna from an unseen enemy, but Sianna sees it is Owen who needs protection from himself.
           As Sianna and Owen learn people are not as they appear, hearts and lives are put to the test as an Olympic soccer star and ex-marine find it is the ones you let into your heart who hurt you the most.
           For the readers of Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, Every Little Detail will force you to question whether love can come out on top, or will the secrets of the past take it down with them.

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